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Welcome! We are the Wackrow Family: Jonathan, Jocelyn, Hunter (33 weeks), Carter (34 weeks), and Taylor (28 weeks); We are a preemie family. If you are a member of the NICU club, then you know it is one of the most challenging and emotional rollercoaster rides you have ever experienced. It has many highs and lows, far too many a tale to tell.  You probably have heard of the March of Dimes but don't know exactly what they do unless you have had a premature child or children; the March of Dimes helps NICUs and premature babies and conducts vital research to stop premature births.  As parents of 3 premature babies, with Taylor being our most severely premature child, we felt propelled to pay it forward and find a positive way to celebrate our children and others like them. We also wanted our children always to remember their premature roots and embrace any hurdles in life by knowing they were already champions in our eyes. We are a dedicated family to this cause and founded our team, "Taylor Tot," for the March of Dimes in February 2009 while Taylor was in the NICU.

Team Taylor Tot and the March for Babies continue to allow us to "pay it forward" and help others.  Primarily founded to aid our healing, it has become a wonderful part of who we are as a family! It is a beautiful way to celebrate our family and help others every year. Please read more about us and consider joining our team and donating today! Thank you! 


Team Taylor Tot Facts:


  • 2022 Boston Family Cup winner 

  • 2021 March of Dimes Gala Ambassador Family

  • 2020 Boston March for Babies Ambassador Family

  • Jocelyn is currently the #1 individual fundraiser in Boston, and the team is the #2.

  • We have raised over $250,000 dollars since 2009! 

  • Our first two walks, 2010 & 2011, were in Washington D.C. we then moved our family team to Massachusetts Cape Cod and the Islands to be closer to all of our friends and family, who truly are the heart of our team! 

  • Jocelyn has been a TopWalker for ten years!

  • Our Team has been a Top Team for 8 Years and a National Top Team as well!

  • Taylor Jean was named the Cape Cod Ambassador in 2014! 


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